Upcoming Readings

6:00PM January 23, 2020, Salon: An Evening of Readings with The Archive with Ttsisi Jaji and others, Duke Coffeehouse, Durham, NC.

8:00PM January 25, 2020, with Marta Núñez Pozols and Alyson Fuller-Smith, Howse Party, Durham, NC.

4:30PM February 13, 2020, with Eduardo Corral at UNC-Wilmington, Wilmington, NC.

3:30PM February 16, 2020, Indigena Reading Series, Visual Art Exchange (VAE), Raleigh, NC.

7:00PM-9:00PM March 6, 2020, La Sala, Birds, LLC off-site reading in conjunction with Fun Party and Cuneiform Press, AWP, San Antonio, TX.

6:00PM-10:00PM March 7, 2020, La Villita Cafe, Birds, LLC off-site reading in conjunction with Double-cross Press, Essay Press, Octopus/Fonograf, Reality Beach, Tarpaulin Skin, and Ugly Duckling, AWP, San Antonio. TX.

February 22, 2020, NC Book Festival, Raleigh, NC.

9:00PM April 25, 2020, Golden Age Presents, OKAY ALRIGHT Theater, Durham, NC.


Past readings

Okay Alright, Durham, NC with Bull City Press

Paradiso Reading Series, Nightlight, Carrboro, Durham, NC, November 2019.

Residency Reading, Arcana, Durham, NC, November 2019.

Writers for Migrant Justice, The Love House, UNC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, September 2019.

The Mothership Art Party, The Mothership, Durham, NC, March 2019.

International Women’s Day, Flyleaf Bookstore, Chapel Hill, NC, March 2019.

Ethel Zine Press Reading, The Carrack, Durham, NC, March 2019.

Lute & Drum Reading, The Brown Hotel, Louisville Conference, Louisville, KY, 2019.

Little Corner Reading Series, Duke Coffeehouse, Durham, NC, December 2018.

So & So Books, Contemporary Arts Museum (CAM), Raleigh, NC, December 2018.

Blackburn The Mackey Sessions, Durham Hotel, Durham, NC, September 2018.

Howse Reading Series, Durham, NC, August 2018.

Chris Tonelli’s Book Launch, The Fish Gallery, Raleigh, NC, June 2018.

National Poetry Foundation Conference on Poetry and Poetics, University of Maine, Orono, ME, June 2017.

Lauren Hunter’s Book Launch, The Shed, Durham, NC, 2017.

So & So Books, So & So Bookstore, Raleigh, NC, 2016.

The Archive Reading Series, Duke University, Durham, NC, 2016.

Inversions Reading Series, The Shed, Durham, NC, 2016.