Savage Pageant was accepted for publication from Birds LLC (!) and is forthcoming in 2020.

Savage Pageant was named finalist for Cleveland State University 2018 book contest.

Savage Pageant was named finalist in Rose Metal Press’s 2017 book contest.

An excerpt of my full-length poetry collection, Savage Pageant, was published in Lute & Drum, Issue 8 in in 2016: Hug Your Darlings.

“Pscyhogenic Illness I & II,” a comic poem series, was a finalist for the f(r)iction Winter Poetry Contest and was published by Tethered by Letters in August 2016.

An excerpt of my poetry manuscript, The Liminal Parade, was selected by Dorothea Lasky and won the 2016 Double Take Grand Prize by Heavy Feather Review. You can purchase the Volume 5, which features my work alongside a host of other beautiful pieces, here: You can sign up to receive a free digital subscription to Heavy Feather here: Free Literature!.

The Liminal Parade, chapbook manuscript, was a finalist (though withdrawn) in the Annual New Delta Review poetry contest.

I am currently editing a poetry and visual arts magazine with some fantastic creators/editors. Please visit here for more info: The Invisible Bear.

You can also find more information on the Little Corner Poetry Reading Series and upcoming events that I organize in Durham, NC via the link above to The Invisible Bear.

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